Front Springs

Front Springs


Top quality UK manufactured springs, powder coated.

Original Sprite and Midget springs are 271lb rate with a free length (uncompressed) between 9.4” Steel bumper and 10.5” Rubber bumper. We keep a wide range of different lengths and spring rates to hopefully cover most uses. The different weight of cars fitted with fibreglass panels, K series conversions etc has a big impact on ride height, but below is a guide.

  • 360 lb 9.5” Free length. Increase in ground clearance @1”. Ideal for rough surface autotests, rallying.
  • 360 lb 9” Free length. Ride height @0.75” Lower
  • 360 lb 8.5” Free length. Ride height @1.5”-2” Lower. Most popular spring for lowering road going Midgets.
  • 400 lb 8” Free length. Ride height @2” Lower. The lowest I would use on a roadgoing car if you want to keep your exhaust….. Sprint/Hillclimb use.
  • 500 lb 7.5” Free length. Sprint/Race use. Used on my standard class C race car that weighs 640kg. Anti-roll bar mounts 3” above ground level with 175/60  13 tyres.
  • 650 lb 7” Free length. Race.
Rate & Free Length

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