LM031 Long Centre Branch manifold

LM031 Long Centre Branch manifold


High out put 948-998cc giving 55-75bhp, 1098cc engines with similar power, and 1275cc with mild modifications (air filters, ram pipes, gas flowed standard valve head).  

This manifold uses 13/8” outer primaries, 11/2” centre primary and 15/8” collector. It allows you to use the standard Midget exhaust system which is cut off under the passengers feet and fits INSIDE the exit of the manifold.


Alternatively you can fit the matching 15/8” maniflow single box exhaust system, part number LS 031, which retains the same diameter throughout the length of the exhaust.


A lot of people ask about noise levels with these systems. I think they sound ‘right’, in that they are sporty and mellow, without being too offensive for the neighbours. If you require a slightly quieter system, use either the single box across the back system, or the twin box system.  

  • Additional Information

    We stock a range of Maniflow exhaust manifolds and systems for both ‘A’ series and Triumph engined Spridgets.

    ​The best set up for your own car is dependent on the specification of the engine and its intended use.